3 great reasons to use a programmable thermostat

3 great reasons to use a programmable thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat makes sense

It’s most likely that heating and cooling costs are the biggest expense in your household. A contributing factor to your energy bill is heating and cooling a home when it’s not needed. A programmable thermostat is a smart way to keep your home temperature comfortable without wasting money and energy.

Think that your manual thermostat does a good enough job? Here are three reasons that will have you switching to a programmable thermostat today…

Saves money

The energy efficient technology of a programmable thermostat helps lower home comfort costs as much as 30%. Instead of running a continual temperature throughout the day, a programmable unit maintains required temperatures for only a few hours—when needed.

Changing the temperature by only one degree can add significant savings over the course of a year. Within a few years, a programmable thermostat can pay for itself!

Creates comfort + convenience

Programmable thermostats are innovative, easy to use, and give you better control over home comfort. With the ability to set multiple temperature settings throughout the day, you can advance schedule your thermostat to adjust for sleeping, work days, weekends, and vacations.

A system with adjustable settings saves energy, takes care of the changes for you, and only takes a few minutes to set. Today’s digital thermostats give homeowners countless options to choose from. Features can include touch screen settings, system diagnostics, energy-use tracking, filter replacement reminders, intelligent system management, and sleek designs.

We are happy to help you find a programmable thermostat that addresses your unique comfort needs.

Prevents overuse of heating and cooling system

Using a programmable thermostat helps to prevent overuse of your HVAC unit. By reducing the time that your system runs throughout the day, you can avoid adding unnecessary stress to your system and a need for frequent repairs.

Why choose the Temprite Climate Solutions Team?

As registered Daikin Comfort Professionals, we offer experienced service, maintenance, and repair. We are a friendly team committed to providing nothing but stellar customer service.

Intimate with a variety of heating and cooling systems, we can help you find a programmable thermostat that works for your home and budget. Plus, we don’t charge for in-home consultations!

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