Is it time to upgrade your HVAC?

Is it time to upgrade your HVAC?

7 signs that it’s time to upgrade your home heating unit

Heating and cooling is the biggest use of energy in most homes, accounting for more than 40 percent of your home’s energy bills. Many homeowners don’t think about the condition of their HVAC unit unless it starts acting up or it stops working altogether.

Regular repairs and unexpected breakdowns can end up being costly—especially if they repeat themselves. Rather than throwing money out the window, it’s a good idea to have your unit serviced regularly to make sure that it’s running as it should be. Then, when the time comes, you can decide whether it’s time to upgrade your HVAC system or not.

When your HVAC unit isn’t performing as it should be, there are a number of things that could be going one. Here are seven things to consider when deciding if it’s time to swap out your current system for a new one.

What to consider when your HVAC unit isn’t working effectively

The age of your unit. HVAC units will only perform efficiently and effectively for so long. If you have a unit that is 10-years-old (or older), it’s time to consider replacement.

A rise in monthly costs. If the cost of your monthly utility bills keep rising and you struggle to keep your home comfortable, your unit might be overdue for some maintenance or an upgrade. To ensure that your HVAC unit keeps working efficiently, it’s important to have a qualified service technician—like us—inspect the system for issues.

Regular repairs. If your HVAC unit is in constant need of repairs, it might be time to weigh all of those repair costs against the price of an upgrade.

Increased noise. If your system is making excessive or unusual noises while it’s running, it could be a sign that something internal has broken or is about to break.

Uncomfortable room temperatures. Poor performance can result in rooms that are too hot and others that are too cold. There are a number of variables that could cause this, such as restricted airflow, system malfunction, duct issues, and inadequate insulation.

Humidity Issues. Excessive humidity within your home can be symptomatic of poor unit performance or leaky ductwork. Have your HVAC unit inspected by a professional to find the problem and a solution.

Excessive dust. If the inside of your home is always covered in an unreasonable amount dust, it’s time to get those ducts looked it! Excessive dust could mean that your ductwork needs to be sealed or cleaned.

Regular preventative maintenance is always a good way to avoid costly repairs and breakdowns. If you notice any of the above issues happening in your home, it’s time to call on an experienced, certified HVAC professional—like us—for help. We have the tools and the knowledge to inspect and repair all types of damage to your heating and cooling system.

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