Are uneven temperatures happening in your home?

Are uneven temperatures happening in your home?

Why temperature variations occur and how you can correct them

It’s not unusual to have temperature differences occur throughout your home. Constantly adjusting your thermostat settings in an attempt to make every room comfortable is an obstacle, but quite common—especially in older homes.

Temperature variations in the home can be caused by various factors. Luckily there are easy solutions to remedy uneven temperatures.

For starters, room location has a lot to do with it. If a room is situated further away from your HVAC system, it will have less airflow than a room located closer to it. The size of a room also has a big impact on maintaining comfortable temperatures. It’s difficult to keep temperatures balanced in large spaces. Rooms that have plenty of exposure to the sun will feel warmer than rooms left in the dark. Opening the shades and blinds during the winter will allow the sun’s warmth to soak in. Alternately, making good use of closed blinds and sunscreens will help keep rooms cooler during the summer.

An uneven distribution of air through your ducts could also be the cause of varying room temperatures throughout your home. Air meant for certain areas won’t reach it if there is a leak or a blockage along the way. Regular maintenance is a good way to avoid such an issue, so be sure to schedule your HVAC unit a check-up with a professional technician—like us!

Having an adequate amount of insulation in the attic is directly linked to the amount of hot air kept in the home. Insulation is meant to keep warm air in during the cool months, and hot air out and cool air in during the warm months. If the amount, or quality, of insulation is poor, heat flow will be affected and temperature differences will be noticeable.

If the temperature differences in your home are drastic, consider installing a zoning system to gain enhanced control over the temperature in every room of your home. Depending on the configuration, a zoning system allows you to heat and cool rooms efficiently and evenly. Plus, it can save you money by limiting heating and cooling in the unused areas of your home.

If you’re experiencing uneven temperatures in your home, and want to take care of the problem, give us a call. Our skilled technicians will fully inspect your HVAC system to determine the problem, discuss your options, and fix the issue(s).

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