Cut costs AND stay warm!

Cut costs AND stay warm!

Ways to lower your monthly heating bill without getting frostbite

The sun might be shining today, but the weather is starting to look a little frightful. It’s that time of year when you turn to your trusty HVAC system to make the next three to four months bearable. Unfortunately, comfort comes at a cost.

If you want to avoid a huge increase if your monthly bills, there are a few ways to keep your home heating costs to a minimum—and it’s not complicated! Some of the most effective energy saving strategies are require simple household chores and a shift in habits.

How to stay warm this winter without busting your budget

Get your furnace serviced

Your furnace should be serviced every year, ideally before the heating season kicks in.

If you’re overdue for this essential seasonal maintenance, schedule service today. A thorough tune-up includes several checks and adjustments that can make your furnace run more efficiently, and makes it possible to catch and repair small problems before they can turn into really expensive ones.

Lower the thermostat

Every degree counts! Lowering the thermostat when you are away or asleep is the simplest way to directly lower your home heating costs. This compromising act of comfort will add up the savings and helps reduce energy.

If you’re likely to forget to raise and lower the thermostat on your way in and out of your home, enlist a programmable thermostat to help. Here are three great reasons why you should.

Layer up

Whether you toss on a toque or your warmest flannels, staying comfortable in a cooler home is a matter of dressing for success.

When you get the urge to turn the thermostat up a degree or two, throw on a sweater, a pair of socks, or snuggle under a blanket—or two. Layering works both ways, so if you’re moving around and get warm just take something off!

Rotate your fans

If you have them, run your ceiling fans on low speed to help reduce your gas and electric bill. In the winter months, the blades should turn clockwise to create an updraft that will gently stop the warmest air from lingering near the ceiling and circulate it around the room.

Just be sure to turn the fans off when there is no one left in the room.

Use free heat

Even during the winter, the sun gives away heat—for free! When it’s shining on your home, it’s time to open the curtains and blinds on sun-facing windows and let those warm rays of light bring warmth to the room.

Just remember to close them after the sun goes down, so you can preserve an extra layer of insulation against the cold temperatures outside.

Clear the vents

You will heat your home effectively when air flow from returns and vents isn’t obstructed. To make sure nothing gets in the way of the heat, clean out the dust and dirt and keep vents from being blocked by furniture or any other household object.


Stay warm out there!




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