Five reasons why your furnace isn’t working

Five reasons why your furnace isn’t working

What to check if your furnace isn’t working like it should be

It’s chilly out there and not a great time to have your furnace acting out. If you’re experiencing issues with your furnace and it feels like you’re living in an igloo, finding the culprit could be easier than you think.

While it’s important to have your furnace regularly serviced by a professional, there are some things that you can troubleshoot before calling a certified technician—like us!

Five things to check if your furnace is acting out

Check the filter. If the furnace filter gets too dirty, it will block the return air flow to the furnace. A dirty filter can reduce the volume of hot air blowing out and automatically shut the furnace down.

The simple fix to a dirty filter is to change it. Just be sure to turn both the furnace and the thermostat off before changing the furnace filter.

Check the thermostat. It could be that there is nothing wrong with your furnace at all and the thermostat is the issue. If your furnace isn’t blowing hot air or coming on at all, head to your thermostat and check the following:

  • Make sure the thermostat is set to heat and not cool
  • Set the thermostat five degrees above room temperature
  • Replace the batteries
  • Open the cover and gently blow away any dust or debris.

Check the breaker. If the breaker for the furnace has been tripped or a fuse has been blown, your furnace won’t run. To reset the breaker turn it all the way off, and then on again. If the fuse has been blown, replace it with the same size and type of fuse.

If the furnace breaker or the fuse continue to trip or blow, give us a call to come and inspect the untit.

Check the fuel. Whatever fuel your furnace takes, make sure that it’s getting some. If it runs on gas, check to see if the valve is open. If it’s closed, gas won’t enter the furnace and there is nothing to burn. Open the valve and you should be warming up in no time.

If your unit runs on oil or propane, check the tank to make sure it has fuel. If you ran out, you may need to restart your system once it’s full. Some units have a reset button on the burner, and some require the unit to be turned off and then on again. If it’s oil-fired, the fuel pump may need to be primed and you should give us a call.

Some older furnaces have a standing pilot that could be off and need to be re-lit. There should be instructions on the unit itself, but don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’re not comfortable doing it.

Check air ducts. If your furnace is blowing hot air, but there are a few cold spots in your home, the issue could be your air ducts. The first thing to do is make sure that the dampers (those handles sticking out) controlling air flow are open. The next step is to check your ducts for gaps, cracks, or holes. Leaking ducts will leave you chilly, increase your energy bill, and suck up dust that contributes to poor air quality in your home.

If you have leaky ducts, give us a call to fix or replace them.

Most furnace issues can be avoided by keeping up on regularly scheduled maintenance.  If you are unsure about how to safely troubleshoot your system, don’t hesitate to call us at 250-465-2490 or email

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