Is it time to go ductless?!

Is it time to go ductless?!

What you need to know about ductless heat pumps

Winter weather is settling in on Vancouver Island. In our climate, the most economical way to heat and cool your home is with an air source heat pump. It has the ability to absorb heat from the outside air and distribute it throughout your residence. So, rather than consuming energy to create heat—like natural gas or electricity—a heat pump simply moves heat from one place to another.

It’s no secret that a heat pump offers efficient home heating 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost of electric heating. This is one of the reasons why homeowners are turning to ductless heat pumps to tackle home comfort issues without using a duct system.

But, did you know that ductless heat pumps also bring the ultra-efficient heating and cooling of an air source heat pump to any residential space with ducts?

Read on to learn more about this helpful technology, and how it can help with any home heating issues.

Five things you should know about ductless HVAC units

They can’t be installed anywhere

Despite the common misconception, ductless HVAC units can’t be placed anywhere. Although ductwork isn’t required for air circulation, the placement and size of the unit are important factors to consider when installing a ductless indoor unit in your residential or commercial space.

The placement of a unit will affect efficiency and the effective delivery of air. Installing a unit anywhere can cause a rise in utility costs and poor temperature regulation throughout your space. That’s why a registered professional will work with you to find the best location(s) in your home.

They don’t have to be ductless

Being ductless is a common feature of these HVAC units, but they don’t have to be duct-free to work wonders for home comfort. A ducted mini-split HVAC system will utilize the existing ducts and infrastructure of your home to deliver air, while improving efficiency through zoning and inverter technology.

They aren’t just for supplemental heating and cooling

Yes, a ductless mini split system is an excellent option for affordably adding heating and cooling power to specific areas of your home. Did you know that they are fully capable of handling the entire heating and cooling demand of your home? When sized and installed properly, ductless units are a great option for keeping you entire home comfortable all year long.

They don’t require more maintenance

Many ductless systems feature effective design that allows homeowners to perform routine maintenance themselves. Like a central system, the filters are easily removed for cleaning and changing, and professional maintenance is required each season to help your unit live a happy, healthy life.

They aren’t just for new homes

While it’s true that ductless HVAC units are commonly installed in new construction, ductless technology is also well-suited for retrofit installation in older homes. The space-saving features and efficient technology makes ductless systems an excellent choice for all buildings.


We proudly install and service Daikin ductless systems because they offer superior performance, efficiency, and comfort in stylish solutions for all interior spaces and lifestyles.

Whether you have ducts or not, you will save on both your heating cost and installation cost with a Daikin ductless heat pump system from Temprite.

If you have any questions about ductless HVAC units, please give us a call at 250.465.2490. You can also contact us online.

We are always happy to help you find the best home comfort solution.

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