Is your HVAC system ready for Earth Day?

Is your HVAC system ready for Earth Day?

Tips to ensure your HVAC system runs efficiently for Earth Day—and beyond

Earth Day is next month, and Canadian homeowners are starting to think about positive changes they can make to help the environment around their home.

If you are looking for ways to shrink your carbon footprint, reduce greenhouse gases, and pack a little more into your savings account in the process, consider making repairs and improvements to your home HVAC system this month.

Not only would this be a great thing for the environment—it can also make a big difference in your monthly heating and cooling bills.

Here are a few ways to get your home HVAC strategy in top shape before April 22 arrives…

Change air filters.

This is something you should already be doing on a regular basis. Earth Day is a great reason to swap them out and establish a habit of changing them as recommended by the manufacturer.

Clean registers.

Dust and grime can build up on the inside of your registers, block air flow, and blow dust into your home.

Dirty registers keep your system from running efficiently, so vacuum them thoroughly and make sure there aren’t any blockages.

Schedule a tune-up.

To ensure that your HVAC is always running as efficiently as it should, regular maintenance is a necessity. A simple HVAC tune-up can help boost the energy efficiency of your system, and catch any problems before they progress into something catastrophic and costly.

Inspect ductwork.

Check for excess dust and debris from the ducts, pipes, and coils, and have repairs made by a professional. It’s always a good idea to keep them clean to avoid compromising heat transfer.

Leaky ducts are the most wasteful (and most common) problem in HVAC efficiency, so be sure to seal off any leaky areas and call a professional for repair and/or replacement.

Replace insulation.

If you haven’t replaced your insulation recently, now is a great time to evaluate how much replacement will enhance with efficiency of your home heating and cooling system. It’s much harder for your HVAC unit to function correctly if your home isn’t sealed as efficiently as it should be.

Install a programmable thermostat.

Why waste energy heating or cooling your home when you’re not there?!

With a programmable thermostat, you can set your desired times and temperatures, and then walk away. The thermostat ensures that your home is comfortable when you need it to be—saving energy and a substantial percentage off your monthly energy bills. 

Here are three great reasons why you should install a programmable thermostat.

Consider replacement.

If your HVAC system is aging (ten years or older), replacing it may be the best way to boost your household energy efficiency entirely.


Some of these Earth Day solutions are simple tasks to complete yourself. Others require a professional to help you get more efficiency and savings out of your HVAC system. We are happy to help you figure out what your system needs.

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