Meet the man behind Temprite Climate Solutions

Meet the man behind Temprite Climate Solutions

Lance Petty, Owner

Lance began his career in heating, ventilation, HVAC systems and plumbing as a Sheet Metal Lance Petty Temprite Climate SolutionsFabricator with Torry & Sons Plumbing & Heating. In 2008, he completed his Refrigeration Technician ticket and, in his own words, “has been nerding out with this stuff ever since.”

Lance is now a registered Daikin Comfort Professional, a Certified Red Seal Refrigeration Technician, a Class B Registered Gas Fitter, and an Electrical Field Safety Representative. He’s also certified in ventilation through the Thermal Environmental Comfort Association, as well as being certified in Refrigerant CFC Handling.

The birth of Temprite Climate Solutions

When Torry & Sons abruptly closed its doors in 2013, Lance was left without a paycheque and was forced to hunt for work up north. Several Comox Valley contractors approached him, however, and suggested he start his own business.

It didn’t take Lance long to decide that the North Island needed a company that approached heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) differently. Lance took what he liked and improved what he didn’t like from his past work experience, and founded Temprite Climate Solutions.

Two years, six employees and four vehicles later, Lance continues to forge ahead with uncompromising customer service at the forefront of everything Temprite does.

“It’s really important that our customers are happy,” says Lance. “If they’re not happy it reflects poorly on us, and that’s not something to build a business on.”

To ensure that Temprite delivers efficient service, Lance makes use of as much technology as possible to avoid excessive paperwork both in the field and back in the office. All paperwork is completed online, saving the technician time and the client money.

Temprite also makes use of Smartphone-connected HVAC tools designed to simplify and improve the analysis and control of airflow in buildings. These smart tools, along with other cutting edge technology like a Thermal Imaging Camera are what keep Lance and Temprite Climate Solutions ahead of the competition.

Training Vancouver Island’s next generation of HVAC professionals

From new construction to replacement systems, strong industry training helps Temprite’s professional technicians solve any home comfort challenge. Lance fully supports the Industry Training Authority (ITA) and the importance of training the next generation of quality technicians. That’s why every employee—Lance included—continually completes courses from associations like TECA and Built Green to keep up industry standards.

If you’re looking for friendly, certified professionals who go above and beyond, Lance and his trusted team are the best choice for you.

Call 250-465-2490 to find out more!

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