Our 7 favourite ways to keep warm over the holidays

Our 7 favourite ways to keep warm over the holidays

The days are short and the nights are long, dark and chilly. As November comes to an end and December sets in, the holiday season—and old man winter—are right around the corner.

No matter how beautiful the snow topped mountains and frost covered forest floors may be, the low temperatures don’t cut it around here for long.

Don’t worry if the temperature’s got you down. Here at Temprite Climate Solutions, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to help you stay warm this holiday season…

  1. Host a dance-off. Get off the couch, make yourself a pumping playlist, and gather your friends. It’s time to have fun, exercise, show off your killer moves and stay warm.
  2. Eat a hot pepper—like a Carolina Reaper. Once you chomp into one of those bad boys, you’ll completely forget you were cold to begin with. You likely won’t feel your tongue, your mouth will burn and you’ll cry like a baby, but you’ll definitely forget you were cold to begin with.
  3. Find a crowd. If there was ever a time to love crowds, it’s now. There’s safety—and heat—in numbers. So pack yourself in like a sardine and feel the awkward warmth of strangers.
  4. Layer up—forget the Snuggie and go all out. You’ve got your choice of the beloved holiday Stay warm with Temprite Climate Solutionsthemed onesie, the full body sweater or simply layering ugly Christmas sweater over ugly Christmas sweater for that beefy look. No matter what you choose, layers are your friends.
  5. Stop shaving—embrace the hair this holiday season. Whether it’s on your face, your legs or under your arms, the more you have the warmer you’ll feel. It works for Old Saint Nick, doesn’t it?!
  6. Drink up—it’s time to be merry. Start pouring yourself warm mugs of cocoa, coffee, tea or something else entirely, and don’t stop until your calendar says April.
  7. Upgrade to a Daikin heat pump! You won’t feel the chill of winter—or the pains of high heating costs—once you install an economical and efficient air source heat pump. Just ask us how.

However you decide to spend your holidays, Temprite Climate Solutions wishes you all the warmth of the season!

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