Don’t get left out in the cold!

Don’t get left out in the cold!

Prepare your HVAC unit to avoid losing heat this winter

Winter is coming. Is your heat pump or gas furnace ready to work hard over the winter?

At this time of year, rain, snow, and cold winds threaten the longevity of your system. It’s important to make sure that it’s in prime condition well before those temperatures take a plunge and the first snow begins to fall.

Regular preventive maintenance helps your system keep up with seasonal temperature swings. It also increases system performance and helps you avoid costly emergency repairs. While most new HVAC systems require little maintenance, a quick tune-up will greatly extend the life of your equipment and help you avoid any surprises—like being left without heat when you need it the most!

Whether you have a gas furnace or a heat pump, it’s a good idea to have a professional HVAC technician—like us—inspect your heating system at least twice a year. We have the tools and the knowledge to inspect and repair all types of damage to your heat pump.

While any major HVAC maintenance should be completed by a certified technician, there are some steps that you can take to help you stay cozy and warm this winter.

Five things you can do to prepare your heating system for winter

  1. Replace filters.

Air filters should be replaced every three months. Dirty filters will cause your system to work harder, resulting in lower efficiency and poor indoor air quality.

  1. Run a sound check.

While your unit is running, listen for any unusual sounds like rattling or banging. If you hear sounds that you don’t like, or aren’t sure about what you hear, call a certified HVAC technician—like us.

  1. Clear away debris.

If you have an outside HVAC unit, check for any debris that has built up around the unit over the spring, summer, and fall. Clear away any leaves, grass, and branches that have grown around, above, and below the unit to make sure that air flow isn’t blocked.

  1. Look for moisture.

Check for moisture on windows or any rust or dirt accumulation on the vent pipe. This can indicate improper operation and requires further inspection by an HVAC technician.

  1. Access room temperature.

While your system is running, check your thermostat’s temperature to ensure that all rooms are reaching their full comfort potential.


Before starting any maintenance, turn off all power to your heating system. If you discover any unusual noises, excess moisture, or other signs that your unit isn’t functioning properly, contact us at 250..

One of our certified technicians will perform a variety of diagnostic procedures in addition to regular seasonal maintenance. This will ensure that all parts are clean and working as they should be.

Once maintenance is complete and your system checks out, you can relax in the comfort of knowing that you will stay warm and cozy all winter long.

Why invite us into your home?

Our certified technicians have extensive experience installing, servicing, and repairing heat pumps and gas furnaces. We will happily help you stay warm this winter—and save hundreds of dollars on unexpected repairs.

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