Tired of high heating costs?

Tired of high heating costs?

Heat pumps and natural gas furnaces save homeowners money

Are you toying with the idea of ditching your current source of heat for a high efficiency gas furnace or a heat pump? If so, you’re likely wondering if it’s really worth it. In most cases, the answer is yes!

Home heating eats up the most energy in your household, especially if your home isn’t keeping cozy like it should be. Upgrading to a gas furnace or a heat pump is a smart choice for both your wallet and your home.

While the initial cost of installing a heat pump or a gas furnace may appear costly, the investment is quickly offset by savings on your energy bill right from the start. Natural gas is approximately one third the cost of electricity, and a heat pump can save you anywhere from 40% to 75%. Plus, there are all those energy savings going on!

To give you an idea about how much you’re spending to stay warm this winter, we’ve put together a spreadsheet that will help you compare energy costs for a variety of fuel sources.

Crunching the numbers can seem daunting, but the results will show you how much money is wasted by your current heating system.

How much will it cost to heat your home in 2018?


Fuel TypeFuel Cost Jan 2018EfficiencyPrice per

1,000,000 BTU

Oil/L$1.2583%$41.07Delivery fees may apply


Propane/L$0.8390%$36.57Delivery + rental fees may apply


Propane/L$0.8380%$41.14Delivery + rental fees may apply


Propane/L$0.8365%$50.64Delivery + rental fees may apply


Electric/KWH$0.1287100%$37.72Based on tier 2


Natural Gas/GJ$6.6690%$7.81Meter rental may apply


Natural Gas/GJ$6.6680%$8.79Meter rental may apply


Natural Gas/GJ$6.6665%$10.81Meter rental may apply


Heat Pump Single/Two Stage$0.1287250%$15.09Based on 2.5 COP


Heat Pump Variable Speed$0.1287350%$10.78Based on 3.5 COP


Wood Douglas Fir Per Cord$220.0080%$15.801 cord = 128 Cu Ft


If you’d like to learn more about upgrading to a gas furnace or a heat pump, we’re more than happy to help you weigh the pros and cons—and talk numbers.

We offer a free, in-home consultation and are always happy to help you save money while making your home more energy efficient.

Why let us into your home?

When it comes to heat pumps and gas furnaces, we offer experienced installation, maintenance, and repair. We are friendly, knowledgeable, and committed to providing stellar customer service—each and every time.

Plus, with promotions, rebates, and special offers always changing, it’s a good idea to give us a call for full details on how you can save even more money. We will also discuss which products work best for your household, and whether you qualify for rebates.

Call 250.465.2490 or email office@trcs.ca today!

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