Ways to troubleshoot why your HVAC unit isn’t cooling your home

Ways to troubleshoot why your HVAC unit isn’t cooling your home

Three things to check if your HVAC unit isn’t keeping you cool

It’s August and summer is sticking around. It’s definitely been one hot season. Are you still keeping cool and comfortable?

If your home is feeling a little hotter than normal, or not keeping cool at all, there are a few things that you can check before calling in a certified professional—like us.

Here are a few things to troubleshoot when your HVAC unit isn’t working to cool your home as well as it should…

  1. Check the thermostat.

It might sound a little on the silly side, but check that your thermostat is set at last two degrees cooler than the temperature of your home. If it’s set correctly, it’s time to head outside…

  1. Check that HVAC unit is running.

If the thermostat is set to cool your home, the fan should be running.

If it isn’t, the issue could be: a bad thermostat, a tripped breaker, a wiring issue between the unit and the thermostat, or a larger issue with your HVAC unit. It’s a great time to consider when your unit was last serviced, and call in some help.

  1. Check the vents for air flow.

Head back inside and place your hand over a vent to see if you can feel any air blowing from the vent. If there’s air flow, but it seems warm or weak, the issue could be a dirty air filter. Check the air filter to see if it’s clean.

If there isn’t any air blowing through the vents, the issue could be with the air handler and it’s time to call in a trusted technician.

If the issue can’t be solved with any of the tips above—or continues after making a quick fix—you need to call in a professional.

Give us a call at 250.465.2490

We are happy to diagnose the program and get your A/C unit up and running to keep you cool and comfortable for the remainder of the season.

Regular maintenance is also a great way to prevent any seasonal issue with both your cooling and heating system. We offer a free seasonal maintenance reminder program.

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