Upgrading to a heat pump is a smart choice for your home and your wallet

Upgrading to a heat pump is a smart choice for your home and your wallet

The savings are plentiful when you install a heat pump

There are many ways to save when it comes to swapping out your oil heater for a heat pump. Not only will a heat pump upgrade save you 40 to 75% off your heating bills each year and pay for itself through energy savings, it will also dramatically shrink your home’s greenhouse gas emissions and provide you with comfortable, clean, and affordable heating. Replacing your oil heating system also means that you avoid the risk of a leaky tank, and you get the convenience of air conditioning during the warm summer months.


No ducts? No problem! You can replace those cash-burning baseboard heaters with the ultra-efficient heating and cooling of a Daikin ductless (mini-split) heat pump. While a central heat pump uses your existing ducting to move conditioned air through your home, a ductless heat pump uses a small refrigerant line to connect the outdoor unit to indoor units that are typically mounted on your wall.

Whatever your reason for making the switch from oil heating to an efficient, reliable heat pump, there are many rebates and incentives to help you keep some money in the bank.

Give us a call at 250-465-2490 to talk about the heating and installation savings that come with installing a central or a ductless heat pump. We’ve outlined a few of them here, and you can always check out our website for a list of current promotions.

The Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program 

Heat Pump Rebate Temprite Climate SolutionsFunded by the British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines, the Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program offers up to $1500 in rebates to BC homeowners. And if you go through an accredited company—like us—the rebate increases to $1700!

If that’s not enough, the Comox Valley Regional District is offering an additional $400 bonus incentive to electoral area homeowners participating in this program. That means that you can receive up to $2100 for ditching your oil tank! Yes, $2100!!!

Click here to find out more about the Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program

Daikin Comfort Cash Rebates

Daikin ductless heat pumpUntil December 31, 2016 Daikin is offering an instant rebate up to $1200 on select Daikin brand Energy-Intelligent™ indoor comfort systems.

Energy- efficient Daikin indoor comfort systems can lower your monthly utility bills. Comfort Cash rebates will lower the initial cost of a new Daikin energy-efficient indoor comfort system.

Click here to find out more about this instant Daikin Comfort Cash rebate

Why Choose Temprite Climate Solutions?

There’s a lot to consider when deciding on a heat pump that’s best suited for your home. Our highly knowledgeable Red Seal certified technicians are well-versed in all HVAC systems and BC Building Code Standards, and will help you figure out what works best for you.

We’re registered Daikin Comfort Professionals and we offer experienced service, maintenance and free in-home consultations. We’re also intimate with how the Oil to Heat Pump incentive program works.

We’re only a phone call away! Give us a call us at 250-465-2490 or, if you prefer, send us an email at office@trcs.ca 

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