Why are my vents noisy and why do some move more air than others?

hrv_airflow_diagram300The main reason for noisy and unbalanced air systems is duct sizing.  Undersized ducting can create a number of comfort and mechanical issues.  The more air that is pushed through a system the higher the static pressure.  High static pressure directly increases friction loss.  The energy lost in air friction is mostly transferred to sound leaving you with a noisy system.  When a system is undersized the user will experience very high airflow out of the registers closest to the system and they will have very little airflow from the furthest registers causing uneven temperatures.  A lack of airflow can also shorten the lifespan of the equipment as it needs to work harder to overcome the restriction.  During the cooling season restricted airflow can cause frozen coils or/and drainage problems.  For more information on duct sizing you can check out our website at tempriteclimatesolutions.com
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