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Heating, Cooling and Commercial Services in Cumberland, BC

If you’re tired of working with the typical amateur HVAC contractor who you feel like you need to call all the time for some miscellaneous repair they didn’t see coming, don’t worry-we are too. We’re Temprite Climate Solutions, a local and family-owned company that’s serious about heating, cooling, and ventilation in Cumberland, BC. Our owner, Lance, is a volunteer firefighter and our team belongs to this community just like you, which means we’re dedicated to leaving your house better than when we arrived.

Let us leave your home better than how it was. Call our team today! For a job done right, call Temprite!

Heating Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Is it time for you to invest in a boiler or furnace heating system? We’ve got you covered. Radiant heating is one of the most popular heating types in the world, and for good reason! Radiant heating uses water to transfer heat through pipe systems in your home. Since water is a better method of heat transfer, boilers run efficiently and silently. Feel the comfort of a boiler system by calling us today.

Air Conditioning Installation, Maintenance & Repair

It still gets hot in Cumberland, BC whether we’d like to admit it or not. Sometimes, due to heat waves and humidity, it’s simply not an option to go without air conditioning for a season. That’s why we offer comprehensive air conditioning services, whether it’s a new installation or a small repair, we can get the job done. We also service ductless mini split systems and as a Daikin Comfort Pro, you know you’re getting a good deal.

Natural Gas and Propane Equipment

Natural gas fireplaces are beautiful, aesthetically pleasing pieces of equipment. Having a gas fireplace can be a wonderful centerpiece to your home, and a heat-producing tool as well. But having an amateur install a gas fireplace or piece of equipment like this is a safety hazard. You’ll need to work with certified technicians, especially Class B Gas certified technicians, to get the job done right. Keep your family and your home safe by working with us.

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

Are you finding yourself getting sick constantly during the winter? Does your air feel stuffy and are you constantly congested? It’s not just you, it could be a problem with your indoor air quality. We provide air quality solutions from air filtration systems to air purifiers to deal with these issues. Having a UV air purifier installed in your comfort system can eliminate most if not all the germs and viruses in your air, leaving you happy and healthy!

Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration in Cumberland, BC

If you’re the owner of a restaurant, or other type of business in Cumberland, BC, you know just how important a well-functioning refrigeration unit is. Health and safety codes require most food and many beverages to be kept at very specific temperatures to ensure they don’t breed bacteria and become harmful for any consumers who ingest them. Keep your customers and employees safe by working with certified experts who know what they’re doing. Call us today.

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