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Heating System Services in Courtenay, BC and Surrounding Areas

Our winters are quite chilly. When temperatures dip below freezing, you require comprehensive heating services that are available when you need them. Our trucks are fully stocked and our equipment is of the highest quality, which means we’re more than able to provide the effective heating service that you desire. We’re believers in the Daikin Comfort Promise, and as the only Daikin Comfort Pro on the North Island, we have access to the best equipment available for heater mainternance, repair, or installation in Courtenay, BC.

Call Temprite Climate Solutions today, because we pay acute attention to detail on everything we work on. We’re the heating and air conditioning contractor concerned with finding the appropriate solution to your home heating needs, whether that solution is a new boiler or a heat pump repair, or anything else. You can count on us!

Let us do our diligence on your heating system service today. For a job done right, call Temprite!


Furnaces are the most common type of heater in the country and for good reason! These systems are reliable, easy to work with, and affordable when it comes to fuel and energy consumption. Not to mention that some of the best Daikin furnaces we offer have an AFUE rating of over 95%, which is a new standard in industry efficiency.

Heat Pumps

In our mild winters, heat pumps can be effective and efficient solutions to homeowners across North Island and the Courtenay, BC area. They can operate as effective cooling solutions in the summers as well as heating systems in winter, and also provide unique customized comfort for families that need heating that’s outside of the box.

Ductless Systems

Similar to heat pumps, ductless heaters are powerful heating systems that don’t require ductwork at all. They’re heaters that provide excellent forced-air heating through air handlers that can be set to customized temperatures throughout your home. Don’t fret about ductwork, invest in a ductless heating system today with Temprite Climate Solutions, your trustworthy heating contractor.

Radiant Heating Systems

Do you know the feeling of warm sunny rays hitting your face as you lie on the beach? Radiant heating systems are the closest you can get to that feeling in the wintertime. Radiant heat is produced via water, which naturally emanates through objects and your body, warming you up and down. Radiant heating might be the heating for you!

Dual Fuel Systems

Enjoy the power of a furnace with the efficiency of an electric heat pump, all by having a dual fuel system installed in your home. These units are the be all end all for an incredible range of heating needs. No matter how cold or mild your winter might be this year, a dual fuel system can easily tackle the job at hand!


Boilers are some of the oldest and most reliable forms of heating. When taken care of, they can last for extremely long periods of time with very few repairs, since they lack the moving parts that a furnace or heat pump might have. They’re efficient, silent, and might be right for your home!

Pool Heaters

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, your pool doesn’t have to be a seasonal enjoyment. When we install an effective pool heater, your pool can be a relaxing method of enjoyment for the whole family no matter how cold it is outside! Let our professionals provide an efficient pool heating system for you today.

Wi-Fi / Smart Thermostats

Thermostats are the "brain" of your heating system. With an improper, old, or malfunctioning thermostat, you’ll never get the quality heat you deserve no matter how brand-new your heater is. Don’t let that get you down though. Upgrade to a heater that belongs in the 21st century, with Wi-Fi and smart capabilities, today!

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