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Server Room Cooling in Courtenay, BC and Surrounding Areas

Humidity and temperatures must be controlled accurately in businesses and buildings that rely on computer servers. Improper work on your server cooling system could result in large amounts of damage and data loss, which is simply unacceptable. That’s why you need a team like Temprite Climate Solutions. We pay acute attention to detail, provide quality workmanship, and finds unique solutions to every server room cooling need.

It helps that we’re Canadian Red Seal Certified in Refrigeration and sheet metal, while also being the only Daikin Comfort Pros with a comfort promise on the North Island. We’ve got the certifications, experience, and training necessary to cool your server room to the exact specifications you require.

Get your server cooled accurately and conveniently with the best in the business—call us today. For a job done right, call Temprite!

What Entails Computer Room Cooling?

A computer room cooling system is what’s known as a closed control air conditioning system, also known as a precision air conditioning system (PAC). This is a closed air environment, usually monitoring humidity levels, particulate levels (by using air filtration systems) and complete temperature control via industrial air conditioners.

What does this mean for you? Well, this means an amateur is just simply not well-equipped enough to deal with such a comprehensive cooling system. Temperature is one thing, but humidity control and air filtration altogether in one complete system requires a team that pays acute attention to detail. Let our team provide the solution necessary to keep your data safe.

Computer Room Cooling Installation and Replacement

If you’ve never dealt with a professionally installed server room installation or replacement, then we’re the team to call. These systems require precision and experience. Don’t be a guinea pig for an amateur who doesn’t really know what they’re doing. This can cost you precious data and thousands of dollars in computer equipment.

If you’re experiencing constant problems with your server room cooling system, then don’t deal with calling for repairs every week. Consider saving money in the long run by signing up with us for a quality server room cooling replacement that will last for years to come. Have your humidity, temperature, and particulate control replaced effectively with our professional service.

Server Room Cooling Maintenance

For a system that’s so precise, you need a team that’s willing to be there in a moment’s notice to service your server room cooler. These systems often give an alert when temperatures, humidity, or any other precision control is not functioning properly, which is when you can call us. Once we’re called, you don’t have to worry about anything else. We’ll provide the repairs necessary.

Looking to avoid having repair work done? The best way to do that is with quality server room cooling maintenance in Courtenay, BC or surrounding area. Our team provides thorough maintenance for your temperature control system. Why not have your building’s air conditioner or heater checked on at the same time? We can set up a maintenance visit that works on your schedule.

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