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Coolers in Courtenay, BC and Surrounding Areas

Do you have a restaurant or food service business in Courtenay, BC or surrounding area? Then you’ll know just how important your walk-in cooler is for both customer satisfaction and food safety. Don’t try skirting around the law, sign up with the contractors that are local and family-owned who have the right training and expertise to provide your business with the cooling solutions it requires.

Temprite Climate Solutions is a contractor on the North Island that is Canadian Red Seal Certified in refrigeration, which means we have the precise qualifications necessary to provide you with a cooling solution. Gone are the days where you’d rather call an amateur to try and fix your broken cooler, since you’ll probably end up paying more for subpar service with an amateur than you would with us. Higher quality means more stability and an easier time focusing on the things that matter more for your business.

Provide quality refrigeration for your business by calling our team today. For a job done right, call Temprite!

Stay Out of the Danger Zone with Professional Service

If you’re a restaurant or food service business owner, you’re probably familiar with the danger zone. Here in Canada, that means your food must not spend more than six hours sitting in temperatures between 60°C and 4°C; otherwise, it risks being infected with bacteria that is harmful for anyone who plans on consuming it.

Don’t endanger your customers or your employees by having a broken cooler. A faulty walk-in cooler isn’t going to cool its contents effectively, rendering everything inside it unsafe for consumption. With our professional service, we can make sure it cools to the precise specifications needed to avoid being in the danger zone.

Reach-In Cooler Precision Installation and Replacement

Food service is intense and cutthroat, even without the additional trouble of having no refrigeration. That’s why having a reach-in cooler that’s installed correctly by a team of professionals can make your life much easier. Don’t buy a used refrigeration unit and have it installed by an amateur—you could end up adding more stress to your life than you realize.

Not only that, but food safety requirements in Canada are incredibly specific, which means you’re responsible for storing food and beverages at the correct temperatures for consumption. Having a faulty system from the get-go, or foregoing cooler replacement service when its necessary, is setting yourself up for failure. Don’t risk unsatisfactory food safety and quality in your establishment because of a faulty cooler. Call us today for installation or replacement services.

Comprehensive Cooler Maintenance Services and Repairs

Before you take a hair dryer to your walk-in refrigerator because its forming ice on its coil, contact a professional team to fix your system accurately. Refrigeration units tend to be hardy systems that can withstand a good deal of abuse. That doesn’t mean that you can neglect them or call in an amateur to help your commercial cooler.

With yearly maintenance visits and quick calls for repairs when something is amiss, your commercial cooler should last a long time for you and your business. Having a professional service technician that’s Canadian Red Seal Certified for refrigeration means your worries are gone when it comes to your refrigeration unit in Courtenay, BC or surrounding area. Contact our team today!

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