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Fireplace Repair and Replacement Services in Courtenay, BC and Surrounding Areas

Fireplaces don’t last forever. Unfortunately, you’re going to need repair or replacement services for your fireplace eventually. The problem is, gas fireplaces can be a health and safety hazard if they’re left neglected for too long. That’s why it’s up to the professionals in Courtenay, BC and surrounding areas to repair and replace your gas fireplace system—and we mean professionals who are Daikin Comfort Pros and Class B Gas certified.

Introducing Temprite Climate Solutions, a local, family-owned HVAC company that is used to working with fireplaces of all shapes and sizes. Since we’re uniquely trained in the use of class B gases and our experience shows it, we can fix your gas furnace no matter how bad the problem is. Whether you smell gas or are experiencing issues with your pilot light, we’re the team that can get to the bottom of it.

Don’t hesitate to call the gas fireplace professionals today. For a job done right, call Temprite!

Hesitation Is Dangerous

Homeowners often find themselves waiting until the very last minute to call their local fireplace professional about a weird smell, noise, or issue they’re dealing with. We understand that having a professional come to your house to check out your fireplace can be a hassle, and it can feel like putting your life on hold—but we promise there’s a good reason for it.

Some issues with gas fireplaces in Courtenay, BC and surrounding area can become a health hazard and need to be addressed immediately. For instance, if you smell gas or have been dealing with a constant slew of headaches, muscle pains, and memory loss, then you could be dealing with either a gas leak or carbon monoxide leak. These are problems that just can’t wait and calling our team for fireplace repair is the right thing to do.

Common Fireplace Problems

There are many problems we deal with on a regular basis when servicing gas fireplaces. We’re often surprised by the amount of homeowners who don’t know when to call us. So we’ve listed a few events that might occur when your fireplace is having issues, as a guideline to call us when any of them seem familiar.

  • Smell of gas. This is an easy one. If you smell gas, exit your home and call our team today.
  • Issues with your pilot light. A gas fireplace requires a pilot light to use. Without this initial light, your system has no hope of turning on. Since these lights can be sensitive, and the fireplace involves pressurized gas, make sure you have a professional handle this repair.
  • High gas bills. While the solution might be a technical one, issues with a thermocouple or another component to your gas fireplace could be causing your heating bills to skyrocket. Don’t just accept this new reality, call our team to explore options on repairing your system and lowering its cost.
  • Strange noises. Aside from the sound of flame, or gently expanding or contrasting metal, your fireplace should be operating quietly. Call us if you notice any banging, rattling, or other noises that make you uncomfortable.

Hopefully, with this list you can better know when to call us. Did we mention that we provide fireplace replacements as well? If we can’t fix your fireplace, you can be sure that we’ll have plenty of options to replace it. Call your fireplace experts today!

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