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Ventilation and HRVs in Courtenay, BC and Surrounding Areas

Ventilation is extremely important in climates like ours. It can get cold in the winter, which means homes in Courtenay, BC and surrounding areas that are without a ventilation system can get stuffy, causing their indoor air quality to suffer. HRVs and ventilation systems are useful ways to get a breath of fresh air (literally) while not paying an arm and a leg for heating costs.

However, you’re going to want to make sure your system is set up by the best professionals in the business. You’ll find them at Temprite Climate Solutions, a contractor that’s local and family-owned in the North Island with the training and expertise to get your ventilation system set up the right way. Whether you’re looking for an experienced team to install your HRV system or any other work on your ventilation, you’re going to want the best of the best.

Beat the cold with an HRV today by calling our team! For a job done right, call Temprite!

How Does an HRV Work?

HRV stands for heat recovery ventilator, which is a system that transfers heat to fresh air. HRVs recover about 70-80% of the thermal energy that exists in your air while delivering it to fresh air brought in from the outside. They’re extremely cost-effective because they reduce the need to open a window while simultaneously giving you and your family fresh air that’s as crisp as it was outside.

The process by which an HRV transfers heat from pre-conditioned air to the new and incoming air is called counter-flow heat exchange. This process allows the fresh air to be filtered and heated by the stale air in your home, while the stale air is ejected outside. Basically, this process simulates opening a window for fresh air, without the loss of heat that you would normally receive.

HRV and Ventilation Installation and Replacement

If you’re in the market for a new HRV system, we’re the team for you. We perform complete installations along with replacements of old or inefficient systems that aren’t doing their job. A poorly installed HRV system can leak heat or stifle the air, causing your heating bills to be higher or your air to feel stuffier, defeating the purpose for having one.

That’s why you’ll need a team that can install your HRV effectively, placing the air filters accordingly so that your heat can be kept in your home and the air can be transferred accordingly. An amateur can risk hurting this process, causing you to lose your heat and your fresh air. Don’t take that chance.

The Importance of a Heat Recovery System

These systems might seem like a bonus as opposed to something necessary like a heater or an air conditioner, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Heat recovery ventilator systems can be integral to your home environment by being incredibly important to your heater’s efficiency. How can your heater function to the best of its ability if you’re constantly needing fresh air?

Air can get stuffy when there’s little ventilation. Air quality can become poor, and allergens, dust, and germs can get stuck in your home for the entire winter while your heater is trying to keep you warm. Make it easier for your heater and contact us for an HRV today!

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