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Heat Pumps in Courtenay, BC and Surrounding Areas

Heat pumps are a creative solution to an age-old problem: how can we heat and cool our homes by using as little energy as possible? Heat pump systems warm the air inside your home not by creating heat like a furnace or a boiler, but by moving heat from one place to another. If you think of the frigid winter air outside as “less hot” instead of cold, a heat pump can keep removing heat from the air outside to keep your indoors warm and cozy!

These systems are incredibly efficient at moving heat, but their technological complexity calls for a team that knows what they’re doing! That’s where we come in. Temprite Climate Solutions is a team of dedicated heat pump system specialists that provide attention to detail, high quality work, and the ability to work with customers as a dependable resource.

Let us perform the follow through that will keep you happy with expert heat pump services in Courtenay, BC and the surrounding area. For a job done right, call Temprite!

How a Heat Pump Works

Heat pumps move heat from outdoors to indoors, but you’re probably asking yourself how that process works. It’s not magic, that’s for sure! Heat pumps use pressurized refrigerant like an air conditioner, that gets cycled from outside of your home to inside. The refrigerant draws in heat from the outside and deposits the heat inside of your home through air handlers located in specific rooms.

Heat pumps only require the energy to cycle refrigerant to and from your house while keeping the refrigerant contained and to blow the heat into your rooms. That’s it! That’s why these systems are so cost effective, they don’t need to burn fuel and create an abundance of heat, they take advantage of the heat that already exists in the world around us. Call us for your state-of-the-art heat pump today!

Extensive Heat Pump Installation in Courtenay, BC

Heat pumps require more than just the putting together of an air handler in your home. Heat pump installation requires intricate work with refrigerant lines, electrical circuits, and pieces of equipment that are expensive to handle. This is not work that can be done by an amateur or a family member.

We also provide heat pump replacements for systems that are beginning to fail. If you notice that your heat pump is making uncomfortable noises, can’t provide the heat you need, or is running up your heating bills, we implore you to contact us for comprehensive heat pump replacement to keep your home warm and cozy without much disturbance in your life.

Call Us for Heat Pump Repairs

Heat pumps don’t last forever. Heat pump repair and heat pump maintenance is essential for a long-lasting heating solution and you’re not going to get there any other way. If you’re noticing any problems that are frequently proving problematic for you and your family, schedule affordable heat pump repair with us.

Heat pump maintenance is not optional, contrary to what many homeowners would like to believe. Without regular tune ups and maintenance visits, your heat pump will last a fraction of the lifespan that it would last normally. Don’t neglect your heating system, give us a call and let us take a look at the interior components so you don’t have to deal with a messy heating situation.

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