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Dual Fuel Systems in Courtenay, BC and Surrounding Areas

Is a furnace providing too much heat for your home and it’s not running efficiently enough? Or is an electric heat pump great in theory but just not providing the necessary heat output for your home? Why not put the two together and have a dual fuel heating system installed? These systems are some of the most hyper-efficient and effective solutions to a cold winter that exist. Don’t just take our word for it, ask around!

With Temprite Climate Solutions, you’re safe knowing you’re getting the best hybrid heat dual fuel system available on the market today. We pay close attention to detail so that the quality of our work can shine and meet customer expectations. Let our team full of Daikin Comfort Pros give you the full service that your heater deserves.

Don’t fall to using a substandard heating system, call us today instead! For a job done right, call Temprite!

How Does a Hybrid Heat System Work?

A dual fuel heat pump works by combining the efficiency and convenience of a heat pump with the power and effectiveness of a gas furnace. By having both unique systems working together, your heater can combat the cold using their strengths and mitigating their weaknesses. Heat pumps generally get less efficient when temperatures get colder, and gas furnaces are a powerful heating solution but they don’t provide very efficient moderate heating during mild winters.

With a dual fuel system, the heat pump works for most of the year, providing extremely affordable heating for the mild temperatures. Eventually, temperatures will dip below the point where your heat pump can effectively heat your home for an affordable rate, and the gas furnace will start up, keeping your heating bills low and your systems running efficiently!

Quality Installation and Repair

With one of our hybrid heat dual fuel systems, you’ll never see a temperature outside that your home can’t handle at an affordable cost. That’s why it’s imperative you get your system set up the right way with professional service by the best team in Courtenay, BC and surrounding areas. We don’t just stop at installation, we provide repairs throughout the lifespan of your system to ensure it works for years to come.

If you thought we stopped there, you’d be wrong again! We offer comprehensive maintenance service on dual fuel heat pumps and furnaces to make sure we detect any issues before they become major problems. Repairs are best found and addressed early, which is why our routine maintenance checkups can be immensely helpful.

Full System Replacements Available

Getting tired of dealing with your old school furnace? You’re not the only one. Many families in our area are dealing with ancient furnaces or boilers that just can’t quite do the job in the wintertime. It’s not wrong to think you might be ready for a replacement heater right about now. A smart homeowner will compare bills and realize that a dual fuel system installation could save them money.

But what happens when your dual fuel heat pump runs its course? No, heaters don’t last forever, so your heat pump is inevitably going to get old and need to retire. That’s why we offer all system replacements, so that you don’t have to go a day without having your failing heater addressed and replaced.

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