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Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair in Courtenay, BC

If you thought that you could survive with just purchasing an air conditioner for installation without signing up for AC maintenance, you’d be taking a pretty big risk. The odds aren’t in your favor, since maintenance can be the key to a long-lasting AC and fewer repairs. But when those days for repairs come, be sure to contact our team for the professional care you’re used to.

We’re Temprite Climate Solutions and we’re a local, family-owned HVAC company here in Courtenay, BC and surrounding areas. While we are composed of members of the North Island community, we’re also a team of expertly trained and equipped professionals that can perform AC maintenance as if we were called from out of province. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to be better, and our numerous awards and certificates prove that.

Get your AC serviced by the best today. Contact us. For a job done right, call Temprite!

The Benefits of AC Maintenance

We’re constantly having to tell customers in our area about how important air conditioning maintenance can be. We understand, not everything that’s advertised as "maintenance" is really necessary, but air conditioning maintenance is not one of those things. Air conditioners have many interlocking parts, like a car, where inspection is necessary to make sure it runs safely and efficiently.

Air conditioners can lose efficiency when they aren’t cleaned, the air filters aren’t changed, ball bearings aren’t lubricated, and other maintenance-related jobs aren’t taken care of. That means you’ll end up paying more just to run your AC! If you sign up for our maintenance, we’ll give your system a yearly check-up to ensure it’s running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Air Conditioning Repair Done Right

You know what’s worse than having to get air conditioning repairs done? Needing them over and over again, multiple times in the same year. That’s what you get when you pay an amateur to service your air conditioner, a hobbled piece of junk that’s only sticking together by one long piece of duct tape. Don’t settle for that!

Plus, neglecting proper maintenance on your AC system, or only having a family member or amateur fix it, could void the manufacturer’s warranty as well. If a technician isn’t certified, sometimes a homeowner can lose their warranty and end up paying way more money than they’d like for everything down the line. That’s why we’re the ones to call—we’ve got your warranty in mind while we’re checking out your system.

Quality Care for an Affordable Price

Just because we’re professional HVAC technicians doesn’t mean we’ll charge you an arm and a leg. Remember, we’re members of this community too, and we’re serious about getting every home in the Courtenay, BC area an AC system that works. That’s going to mean offering air conditioning repair at a price that can be doable for all our customers.

It’s usually a good idea to sign up for maintenance with AC repairs in mind. Usually when we’re performing maintenance on your AC, we can pinpoint what problems will become repair issues in the future, and we can quickly come up with a solution that’s affordable to you. Lower your overall costs by choosing us for maintenance and repairs!

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