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Boilers in Courtenay, BC and Surrounding Areas

Boiler service is essential in our neck of the woods. There are many homes with boilers in them that need the best professional team possible to look after them, otherwise failure can come prematurely. Boilers, some of the most dependable heaters on the market, are only as reliable as the team that’s called to service them. That’s why Temprite Climate Solutions is the team for you, installing, repairing, replacing, and maintaining your boiler system all year round.

With boilers especially, we offer our Daikin Comfort Promise as well as complete follow through with every appointment we have. We believe in good training and are willing to spend the money on classes and licensing, as well as the best equipment to get the job done right. If you’re tired of subpar service and technicians who are constantly missing things, get in touch with us today.

Don’t let your boiler fall victim to neglect, contact our team today! For a job done right, call Temprite!

The Power and Reliability of a Radiator

Boilers funnel boiling water or steam through pipes to in-floor pipes or through radiators. Radiators are some of the oldest forms of heating, which proves just how absolutely reliable they are. Heating via boiling water and pipes is comfortable and effective, which is why it’s one of the most tried and true forms of heating in the world.

While furnaces last about 15 years, we’ve seen boilers approaching their 30th birthday while still providing heat for the whole family. We don’t by any means recommend using a boiler for that long since the efficiency begins to take a nosedive after a certain amount of years, but the longevity of these systems is testament to their reliability. Heating via boilers is easy, silent, and works incredibly well.

Installation and Replacement Boiler Service

Having an amateur complete your boiler installation or replacement is a recipe for disaster. Poorly installed boilers can have pressure problems, be inefficient from having improper temperature calibration, and can end up leaking. Be careful of leaks, they can cause increasingly terrible water damage for your home’s walls, floors, and ceilings that are expensive to repair.

That’s why you need a team of competent professionals to put your system together from the ground up here in Courtenay, BC and surrounding areas. We have the Canadian Red Seal Certification, we’re Electrical FSR Certified, TECA Certified, and Class B Gas Certified, so there’s really no need to worry about a job when we’re involved. A team that’s experienced as we are is the epitome of professional. Not convinced? Give us a call today!

Boiler Repairs That Seal the Deal 

When boiler problems arise, you’re going to want that same team on the case. We provide repairs for any problem that concerns your boiler. These problems need to be addressed quickly in order to avoid any water leaks that could either lead to water damage in your home or freeze and create a whole other slew of problems for your house. If you suspect a boiler leak, call our professional team today to take care of it.

For everyone else, make sure to schedule routine maintenance for your boiler system to ensure that the minor problems don’t turn into major leaks or other issues. Our inspection checklist will make sure that every valve, pipe, and tank of your boiler system is at the right pressure and temperature, as well as in good enough condition to last for years to come.

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