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Heating, Cooling and Commercial Services in Port McNeill, BC

A reliable HVAC contractor in Port McNeill, BC is a hot commodity. We know just how badly home and business owners in our area need a company that’s willing to spend the money and time to be well-trained and have state-of-the-art equipment for a job well done. That’s where we come in! With Temprite Climate Solutions, you get a squad of expertly trained professionals who know exactly what they’re doing when dealing with any HVAC system. Don’t believe us? Let the quality of our work show you that we mean business.

Call us for a long-lasting HVAC solution in Port McNeill, BC today. For a job done right, call Temprite!

Heating Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Some homeowners don’t want the advanced technology that we tout about in the industry. Many members of our community just want a reliable heater that will get the job done and keep them warm for the entire cold season. That’s fine with us. How about we get you hooked up with a reliable gas furnace that runs as efficiently and affordably as possible? Don’t hesitate to have us take care of you today!

Air Conditioning Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Many homeowners have a misconception that since air conditioners are an old concept, just anyone can install or repair one. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Air conditioners are complex and efficient machines that contain many electrical parts and pressurized refrigerant. Having anyone other than a trained professional technician look at your air conditioner is a recipe for disaster.

Natural Gas and Propane Equipment

Here at Temprite Climate Solutions, all of our technicians are Class B Gas certified, which means we’re safe handlers of propane and natural gas-powered equipment. This is especially important, since these appliances can be extremely dangerous when handled by someone who isn’t thoroughly trained in the safe and proper handling of gas. We spend the time and money to be trained and well-equipped to fix up your fireplace or heating system pronto!

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that indoor air quality can be up to 70% worse inside than it is outside in Port McNeill, BC? That’s because any dust or debris doesn’t just get blown away by the wind-contaminants end up staying in your air for weeks, months, or even years because your home is essentially a closed system. Schedule the installation of an air filtration unit or air purifier with us so that we can open this closed system up the right way.

Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration in Port McNeill, BC

Businesses and building owners in Port McNeill, BC require maintenance that can keep their systems running as long as possible. Not only that, but a commercial heater or refrigeration unit that isn’t well-maintained by professionals can begin to lose efficiency. This means your business will have higher expenses and start paying for excess energy if you’re not careful. Let us take a look and ensure your systems are at peak efficiency today!

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