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Heating, Air Conditioning, and Water Heater Services in Qualicum Beach, BC

Qualicum Beach, BC just like all of the beaches on the North Island, isn’t known for its tropical weather. We’ve got summers and winters that can be brutal just like the rest of the country. That means you’ll need well-functioning HVAC systems that are ready to handle the challenge of temperatures that spike up and down. In that case, why not saddle up with Temprite Climate Solutions, the only Daikin Comfort Pros on the North Island, as well as a crew that won a 2018 Chamber of Commerce Family First Award?

Call us today for the quality workmanship we’re known for. For a job done right, call Temprite!

Heating Installation, Maintenance & Repair

If you’re looking for a heating system, we’re always open to recommending a more unconventional or environmentally friendly solution that can save you money on your bills. Not every home is situated perfectly for a furnace that relies on ductwork. We install and repair ductless heating systems, as well as radiant heaters that can sometimes provide better comfort and efficiency depending on your home. Call us to ask more!

Air Conditioning Installation, Maintenance & Repair

We’re baffled by how many homeowners we come across who think that just because they don’t have ductwork, they also can’t have an air conditioner. That’s absolutely false. Ductless mini splits and heat pumps can work to cool your home effectively without the use of ductwork. Plus, these systems don’t have to risk losing conditioned air due to leaky ducts. Turn your disadvantages into advantages by calling us today!

Natural Gas and Propane Equipment

Natural gas and propane-powered fireplaces and water heaters can also provide unique solutions to problems that usually make homeowners feel stuck. Don’t feel like you need to use an inefficient electric water tank: go tankless with a gas-powered tankless water heater. Or perhaps you’d rather invest in an efficient and comfortable natural-gas powered fireplace instead. The options are open with a team like ours.

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

Just because your home is the right temperature, doesn’t mean that it feels comfortable. Comfort often has more to do with indoor air quality than temperature, since constantly coughing, sweating, or sneezing are obvious signs that something isn’t right. Whether you need an air filtration system, air purifier, or a simple dehumidifier for those extra muggy Qualicum Beach, BC days, don’t hesitate to call us today.

Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration in Qualicum Beach, BC

Whether it’s air quality or temperature, your Qualicum Beach, BC business relies on quality HVAC service to function productively. A heater that’s a few degrees too hot or a faulty air filtration system could cost you way more than it would a homeowner. We understand, which is why we’re so accustomed to paying close attention to the systems we deal with. If you want the job done right the first time, then give our team a call.

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