What is an Air to Water Heat Pump?

What is an Air to Water Heat Pump?

Introducing the Daikin Altherma Heat Pump

The Altherma Heat Pump from Daikin is an air source heat pump that heats or cools water rather than the home’s indoor air. The water can then be circulated through radiant floor heating, low-temperature radiators, or fan coil heaters. When upgrading a boiler in an existing hydronic heating system it is just a matter of swapping in the more efficient Altherma Heat Pump – everything else stays the same!

Additionally, the Altherma heat pump can help to provide the home’s hot water by connecting it to a domestic hot water tank. The water is primarily heated by the energy-efficient Altherma heat pump and then brought up to temperature by the tank’s heating element. Connecting the Altherma to a solar thermal collector system can further increase hot water heating efficiency.

Another feature of the Altherma is that it comes with a backup heater. Air-source heat pumps typically become inefficient at temperatures lower than -7 degrees Celsius; requiring that the home have a secondary heat source for those extra cold nights. However, the Altherma has a backup electric heater built-in that kicks in when the temperature is too low – making it your all-in-one home heating system. Models with backup natural gas or oil boilers are also available for regions experiencing very cold weather.

Altherma Monobloc Heat Pump
Example installation of an Altherma Monobloc Heat Pump

The Altherma Heat Pump is available in two types: monobloc and split. The split is broken up into two units: a compact outdoor compressor/condensing unit and an indoor hydrobox that uses the heated refrigerant that comes from the outdoor unit to heat the water and circulate it through the home. The monobloc type is a single outdoor unit that contains both parts; eliminating the need to run a refrigerant conduit into the home. The monobloc type is easier and quicker to install but does require that the water pipes that go outside be properly insulated against freezing and heat loss.

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