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Serving Courtenay, BC and Surrounding Areas

After Hours Service Available


Serving Courtenay, BC and Surrounding Areas


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What Can You Do About an AC With a Broken Compressor?


We understand how distressing it can be when your central air conditioning runs into problems—especially when the issue is a broken compressor. The compressor is a vital part of your AC unit, responsible for compressing the refrigerant and circulating it through the system. When it fails, your cooling system can’t function properly, and you’ll be left in an uncomfortable, hot home.

When your compressor dies, it often means the AC must be fully replaced. However, there are several options to consider depending on the situation. Let’s take a closer look at what a broken compressor means for your AC and the choices you have as a homeowner.

The Importance of the Compressor

The compressor is essentially the heart of your AC system. It takes refrigerant in gas form and compresses it into a high-pressure, high-temperature state before moving it through the condenser coil. This process is essential for cooling your home. When the compressor fails, the entire AC system becomes ineffective and could potentially damage other components.

4 Options for a Broken AC Compressor

Replace Only the Compressor

If the compressor is still under warranty, replacing it is an economical choice. This option can extend the life of your current air conditioner and delay the need for a full replacement. However, if your AC is old or if other components show signs of wear, it may not be the most cost-effective solution in the long run.

Replace the Outdoor Condenser

Another option is to replace just the outdoor condenser, which houses the compressor, blower fan, condenser coil, and other components. This is a less expensive alternative compared to replacing the entire AC system. However, this approach carries the risk of mismatching with your existing indoor coil, which could lead to inefficiencies and a shorter lifespan for your new components. Additionally, you won’t get a new warranty.

Replace the Condenser and the Indoor Coil

In other words, “replace the AC.” This is often the recommended route if the compressor is no longer under warranty. Replacing both the outdoor condenser and indoor coil ensures that your system remains balanced and efficient. This option also provides you with a new warranty, offering peace of mind and protection against potential future breakdowns.

Replace the AC and the Heater

If your heater is old and approaching the end of its lifespan, a full HVAC system replacement might be the most sensible choice. Upgrading both your AC and heating systems simultaneously can offer significant savings in terms of energy efficiency and maintenance costs. This option also provides you with an entirely new system backed by a warranty.

Why Work With the Pros?

Deciding what to do with a broken AC compressor can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have experience with HVAC systems. That’s why working with pros is essential. Our skilled technicians can accurately diagnose the issue, offer expert advice, and recommend the best course of action based on your specific needs and budget.

A broken compressor can be a major inconvenience, but it’s not the end of the world. By carefully considering your options and seeking guidance from the professionals at Temprite Climate Solutions, you can make an informed decision about whether to replace the compressor, condenser, coil, or the entire AC system. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a consultation and quality central AC repair in Campbell River. Let us help you keep your home comfortable and cool all summer long.

Temprite Climate Solutions serves Courtenay, BC and the surrounding areas. For a job done right, call Temprite! 

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