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Serving Courtenay, BC and Surrounding Areas

After Hours Service Available


Serving Courtenay, BC and Surrounding Areas


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Watch for These Signs of Problems With Your Boiler


One of the best advantages of using a boiler to heat your home is that a boiler runs into fewer malfunctions than a furnace. This is because a boiler has fewer moving mechanical parts that can suffer from wear and tear.

However, a boiler can encounter its own set of problems, and to help reduce the inconvenience of having to call for an emergency repair for your boiler, we’ve listed some of the signs to watch for that will give you an early warning of trouble. When you notice these boiler issues, call us for boiler repair in Campbell River, BC so we can get your heating system fixed before the trouble gets worse—and you’re trapped in the middle of winter with no heat!

Rumbling or other odd sounds

One of the more common ways that a boiler will tell you it’s running into trouble is when it begins making strange sounds. The most common warning sound is “kettling,” a popping and rumbling noise. It doesn’t mean your boiler is about to explode (this is extremely rare).

The cause is likely hard water deposits blocking water flow through the heat exchanger. This causes the heat exchanger to turn the water into steam, raising pressure and causing the kettling sound. The boiler may need to be descaled to fix this. If it isn’t fixed, it will begin to severely affect the energy efficiency and performance of the boiler.

Water leaks 

A boiler circulates water in a closed loop, unlike a water heater, which is always drawing in cold water from outside. A boiler should at no time leak water from any of its parts.

Leaks can indicate corrosion, weakened connections, or an increase in pressure. All of these need the attention of a professional—when a boiler loses water, it won’t be able to do its job adequately. 

Cold spots around the house

A boiler can distribute heating evenly through rooms more effectively than forced-air systems like furnaces and heat pumps. A boiler malfunction can interfere with this and lead to some rooms becoming colder than others.

Check on the baseboard heaters, radiators, and in-floor heating elements in these rooms to see if they are warming up. There are several possible sources for this, such as blockage in lines, hidden leaks, or loss of heating capacity. 

Strange odors

A boiler shouldn’t give off any odor at all. If you detect a metallic smell from the boiler, it’s a warning that there is a gas leak somewhere, or possibly escaping carbon monoxide. Don’t hesitate when this happens: shut off the gas to the boiler and call for our professional assistance immediately.

Higher heating costs

A boiler in good condition will keep its energy efficiency for most of its service life, and you’ll see this reflected in steady energy bills through the winter. If you notice a rise in the cost to heat your home, and it’s not due to either increased use or a hike in energy costs, then we recommend you call us to inspect your boiler to see if there’s a malfunction or if the boiler is too old and needs a replacement.

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