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Serving Courtenay, BC and Surrounding Areas

After Hours Service Available


Serving Courtenay, BC and Surrounding Areas


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What’s a “Packaged HVAC Unit”?


The most common type of central air conditioning system and heat pump used for homes is known as the split system HVAC unit. But this isn’t the only type available. Many commercial buildings use a different type of heat pump/air conditioner known as a packaged HVAC unit. These HVAC systems are sometimes used for residential buildings as well, although this is much less common.

We offer service for packaged HVAC units in Courtenay, BC. We’ll talk about what sets packaged HVAC units apart from split systems as well as the advantages they can offer to the right business facility. 

The Packaged Unit: It’s All Outside

The reason a split system is called that is because it divides its major components into two sections, one housed inside the building and the other outside. The outdoor component is a cabinet that contains the compressor, a refrigerant coil, and an exhaust fan. A copper refrigerant line set connects this cabinet to the indoor component, which contains a blower fan and a second evaporator coil. The blower fan sends air across the evaporator coil to be conditioned and then into the ductwork of the building.

A packaged unit places all the components in a single outdoor cabinet that connects to the building through sheet metal ducts. Both sets of coils are contained in the outdoor cabinet along with the compressor and the fans. Fans draw air from inside the building through the supply ducts, move them past the coils to go through the process of heat exchange, and then push the air back into the building through the supply duct that connects to the interior ductwork. The cooling/heating process is the same as for a split system, but the entire process occurs in one outside cabinet and only the ductwork is housed indoors.

The Benefits of Packaged Units

Packaged units have been popular for businesses for many years for several reasons. First, they take up less space inside a commercial facility. Most commercial packaged units are housed up on the roof, preserving important real estate both inside and around the building. Second, packaged units remove the noisiest components of an HVAC system—the fans and the compressor—from the work area, which significantly reduces sound levels. Third, packaged units are easy to access for technicians when it comes to installations, repairs, and maintenance. The technicians don’t have to do any work inside the actual workspace. Finally, commercial packaged units are modular: it’s simple to add on more units to increase cooling and heating capacity as a business grows or its needs change.

Fewer homes use packaged units because they don’t have the same requirements as commercial buildings. However, packaged units can benefit some houses. For example, small homes can save space with a packaged AC. If your home already uses a split system, however, it’s probably best to stay with the current HVAC design rather than switch to a packaged unit. 

If you have any questions about packaged HVAC units, feel free to talk to our experts. We can find the right HVAC solution for your home or business.

Temprite Climate Solutions serves Courtenay, BC and the surrounding areas. For a job done right, call Temprite!

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