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Furnace Safety Tips for the Winter

Monday, December 28th, 2020

Natural gas furnaces aren’t “dangerous” devices to have in a home: they’re not a constant concern for the health and safety of a household. There would be no way gas furnaces would be permitted in so many homes if they easily became deadly. 

However, any gas appliance has the potential to create combustion dangers and toxic gas leaks. As long as you know the basic safety precautions to take with your natural gas furnace, you can avoid such problems. Below we’ve listed the important steps to take to ensure you have a safe winter season of heating with your gas furnace.

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Warning Signs You Need Boiler Repairs

Monday, November 30th, 2020

Boilers are among the most dependable heating systems available to homeowners. Because they use fewer moving parts than furnaces or heat pumps, boilers accumulate less wear and tear and in general last longer. 

But there is no guarantee your boiler will always work without trouble. You may need to schedule boiler repair in Cumberland, BC this winter, and if possible, before the repair stops the boiler from heating your house! In this post, we’re going to look at several warning signs your boiler may send that will tell you the time to act is now when it comes to calling us for repairs. 

Rumbling and rattling sounds 

No, your boiler isn’t going to explode or something extreme like that. But when you hear this rumbling and rattling sound from the boiler, it often does mean that something is wrong.

One possibility is the circulating pump is malfunctioning and shaking inside its casing. This is one of the few mechanical parts of the boiler, so it needs to be monitored. If the sound is coming from inside the boiler tank, it probably means there’s buildup on the bottom of the tank, which will cause overheating and make the boiler less efficient.


Water should never escape from the boiler: it’s designed as a closed-loop system. If you notice there is water puddling around the boiler tank, don’t mop it up and ignore it! Leaks put the boiler at risk in several ways, and repair experts need to seal up the leaks and replace the lost water.

Delays in room heating

If you’ve had your boiler for a few years, you know how long it takes on average for the house to start to heat up once the boiler has turned on. If the house is still heating up, but it’s taking much longer than before, there may be a circulation issue with the boiler. If your boiler is old (over 15 or 20 years), this may indicate it’s time for a new boiler. For a younger boiler, technicians can target what’s wrong and have it repaired.

Odd smells around the boiler

A boiler giving off unusual smells is almost always a bad sign. If the smell is acrid, like burning plastic or metal, there may be trouble with the circuits. (Yes, this is true for a gas boiler as well.) If the smell is like rotten eggs, you may be looking at a gas leak, which is a serious problem. Shut off the gas to the boiler. You may need to first call the gas company before calling us, and if your carbon monoxide detectors go off, leave the house immediately. 

Bills are higher than normal

A problem with the boiler may give you no more outward sign than simply making it more expensive to heat the house. There are numerous troubles that can force the boiler to work harder to provide the standard level of warmth you expect, and this will show up on your monthly bills. Don’t shrug your shoulders and pay more: call our experts to see what’s wrong and get it fixed.

Temprite Climate Solutions serves Courtenay, BC and the surrounding areas. For a job done right, call Temprite!

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Watch for Late-Season Furnace Repair Warnings

Monday, April 6th, 2020
Service technician testing a furnace

We won’t truly enjoy warmer spring weather for at least another month, and even then the temperature swings can be shaky. The short of it is you need to have your furnace working well through the spring. Now is not the time to ignore troubles with your furnace just because you might be able to “wait it out.”

There are several important reasons to always act fast on furnace repairs, but the top one is that a natural gas furnace (which is what you probably have in your home) may turn hazardous if repair needs are ignored. Gas furnaces aren’t an inherently dangerous type of heating system, but negligence raises the chance of safety hazards.

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